Quilting Designs

Check out my library of quilting designs. New pantographs (quilting designs) are added all the time! You can see a few here.

Don’t know which design you would like to use? I would love to help you select a design that best compliments the style of your quilt top. Indicate on your request form that you need help choosing, and I’ll send you three designs that I think would look stellar on your quilt.

If you want to use a design not shown in the library, I’ll split the cost of the new design with you!

Below, you can look through quilting designs (pantographs) that I have. Click the tabs to see the designs on "paper" and stitched onto quilts. When you hover over a design or click it, you'll be able to see it's name. Take note of the design name and share it with me when you're ready!